Week 22 – Atlanta United FC vs Sporting KC Recap, Jacob Peterson Return, Bobby Boswell Signing, MLS Wrap

We sent Tim across the world, so tonight it is just Kevin and Dan as they recap the Sporting KC game that brought a hard fought 1-1 draw and leaves Atlanta United 5th in the MLS Eastern Conference standings.  With the return of Atlanta United’s own Jorah Mormont in Jacob Peterson cured of Grayscale to bring the stoppage time equalizer, it left everyone feeling like they got out stealing a point from KC on the road.

This weekend also introduced the league to VAR which they discuss and give their thoughts on.

Atlanta also picked up it’s newest signee from DC United in Bobby Boswell fresh off the Agro Krag in Nickelodeon’s GUTS.  We also talk DCU and it’s much anticipated chance at redemption for Atlanta.

Kevin and Tim are here to bring you a weekly look at their hometown MLS team – Atlanta United FC. They look to bring their insights on the previous game, how the team has been doing, and looking forward to their next game of the week. Call into the show voicemail line – (678) 827-3297 – and let us know some thoughts on last week’s game, and what you’re looking forward to in the next game.

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